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As the population of wild lions in Africa dwindles, our mission at Boskoppie is to sustain the genetic pool of the lion.


Our goal is provide generations of lions with strong genetics so that when the time comes for more lions to be introduced back into the wild- there is an adequate level of genetic diversity and fitness.


We also aim to educate the public on the importance of such selective lion breeding and to change the way people think about lions- and all big cats!


Our reserve also aims to conserve the Bengal Tiger and increase awareness about the necessity of Tiger Conservation.

Today, we selectively breed Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and Leopards.  All cubs are hand-raised which boosts their survival rate and creates a manageable and sustainable program. 


Families, visitors and overnight guests have been enjoying their time at Boskoppie for over two decades.​

We are a family-owned park, founded in 1986, opening our doors to the public in 1989. Boskoppie was created with the simple intent to sustain the existence of lions in South Africa. ​ In 1993 we expanded the farm by building our first lion enclosure and buying our first two adult lions.  


​Soon after, a zoo in Cyprus had to close down and 7 lions (male and female were imported).  

They arrived by plane and were transported to the park. In 1994, our first litter was born.


In 1996 The Free State Lion Breeders Association was started by Pieter Swart Snr​.


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